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Sridhar Reddy

Sridhar Reddy

Most accomplished professional in IT industry with 20+ years of experience. Sridhar Reddy has worked on varied projects from single page website to very large ERP implementations. Started career at entry level and reached to the highest level of Independent Consultant.

Helping newbie professionals to settle down in career by sharing experience, ensuring no mistakes done, train them troubleshooting how to resolve issues, being positive in career, giving inputs from an employers’ point-of-view etc.





  • 20 years of Professional Expertise
  • 10 years of Training Expertise
  • Worked on varied Projects
  • Worked in varied Domains
  • Worked on varied Technologies
  • Worked at varied Positions
  • Independent Consultant handling projects in USA & India
  • Philanthropist, Marathoner, Art Lover, Founder - Cultivating Art


  • Awarded with "Top 50 Premier Partners" award @ Partner Leadership Awards 2019
  • Awarded with "Most Impactful Tech Leader" award @ Business Leader Awards 2018
  • Awarded with "Best Corporate Trainer - Non-Technology Category" award @ Trainer's Guild Awards 2014
  • Awarded with "Most Preferred Tech Vendor" award by Microsoft in 2005


  • Perfect Planning = 80% job done
  • Follow 80/20 Rule -> takes places
  • Make your own Thumb Rules
  • Be a Brand; let others follow you
  • Fundamentals = 100-storey building
  • Your word is always a Promise; and a promise is a promise
  • Every process in the life is same; either preparing breakfast or software development